The End is Where We Begin

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If the past three years of self-employment have taught me anything, it’s that Entrepreneurship is less like a straight path, and more like a wild roller coaster, with its ups and downs, twists & turns. I’ve done this, and tried that, tested this, and tweaked that. I’ve gone one way,[Read more]

SPOTLIGHT: Midnight in St. Petersburg by Vanora Bennett

spotlight on Midnight in St Petersburg by Vanora Bennett

Midnight in St. Petersburg: A Novel by Vanora Bennett Hardcover: 384 pages Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books (January 19, 2016) Language: English ISBN-10: 1250079438 DESCRIPTION: Faberge jewels, the mysterious Rasputin, and a priceless violin: Each plays a part in one young woman’s fight for survival, and for love, in revolutionary Russia.[Read more]